Is it safe?

Going to the dentist is my least favourite activity in the world. Ranked right down there below unblocking a drain and changing a nappy. But being a parent means, amongst other things, Putting On A Brave Face and Setting A Good Example. So I dutifully went for my six-month check up last week, only to be told that I need to have an inlay. Isn’t that something you do to furniture?

The dentist was kind enough to show me a close-up of said tooth in glorious technicolor on the TV monitor. It has a crack running through it the size of the Grand Canyon. Hasn’t he ever heard the phrase too much information?  And fixing it won’t be cheap…

I’m not at my best when I’m in the chair. (Is anyone?) I have to admit I’ve done more than more than my fair share of whimpering there – which is probably pretty trying for the dentist. You might ask why I’m such a scaredy cat when it comes to dentists. Well, I had a couple of bad experiences when I was a child and I’ve also watched a lot of films…

As I said, though, it’s all about setting a good example. So paying to be terrified in the name of being a good parent, and keeping a tooth of course, is probably the right thing to do. And, who knows, maybe I’ll fetch a fortune on the Antiques Roadshow.


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