Gerkins, be gone!

I took my daughter to McDonald’s yesterday lunchtime for a treat.  (Make of that what you will.)  As I was waiting for our order, a very cross customer came and complained to the manager.  Someone had made a mistake with his order.  To add insult to injury, he said (more or less), someone had also written a rude message on the wrapper.  What was this rude message?  I began to wonder.  I was imagining all kinds of things, but was disappointed to hear that it actually said, “Gerkins, be gone!” 

I don’t know what gherkins have done to justify his anger, but the customer was really not happy.  Rectifying the order wasn’t enough.  What compensation could he expect for this?  Compensation?  Compensation for what?  Loss of his sense of humour?  McDonald’s may be a multi-trillion global conglomerate, but I think that was beyond even them.

Actually I felt sorry for the poor guy or gal who’d written the message – probably in an attempt to make the job of dishing hundreds of burgers in a hot kitchen on a sunny day a little more bearable.  What price a little humour?