Summer reading promotional offer

It’s that time of year when we’re all in need of a bit of escapism… So here are a couple of free offers till 31 July 2014:
The Monster Inside – coupon code HW23P
Or if shapeshifters are more your kind of thing…
Past the…



Just finished painting our living room, while working out Hilary’s next steps in the sequel I’m working on.  Great displacement activity – I can think about writing, which sort of counts (doesn’t it?)…  Managed to avoid ending up with a tri-coloured cat – although I think black/white/mocha would be an interesting combo.

Hilary Darke – now available in hard copy

Just added Hilary to the Create Space website, which has been an interesting experience.  I’m aware that lots of people still prefer reading in hard copy, so I thought i should make her availabl that way too!  You can access her via the following link:  Just enter the following code for a 25% discount:  FT8XTXN9

New publication

New year, new book: The Accidental Career of Hilary Darke.

A darkly comic thriller, which centres on Hilary Darke, struggling writer and reluctant temp, who experiences more success as a murderer than as an author.

Hilary’s dreams of being a successful writer seem to recede further into the distance the more she gets sucked into the daily grind of the civil service. Dealing with her bullying boss, Ros, is enough to push her over the edge. But Hilary is resourceful. She’s determind to find success, whatever it takes. You might miss Hilary in a crowd, but she wouldn’t miss you.

If that’s caught your interest, it’s available on Amazon via the following link: