Having great fun adding reviews to Goodreads (  I’m a newcomer to the site and have found it’s a great way to share views on books.  It’s also a very handy place to keep a list of all those books that you mean to read when you manage to get round to it.  I have a terrible habit of forgetting all of them when I go the library (yes, I do that a lot) or into a bookshop (‘real’ or virtual).  All those titles that I’ve been dying to read just seem to evaporate from my brain when I’m doing my damndest to recall them.  I’ve always been particularly bad at remembering people’s names, so trying to go by author doesn’t work very well either.  Which means having a list at hand online is very helpful and, as I said, a good way to share.  I love hearing what other people think of the books that I’ve enjoyed (or not) and there’s always a chance to add more books to that ‘to read’ list.  Now, if only I had another lifetime to get through them all…

NB I’m currently reading James P. Blaylock’s The Ayelsford Skull, my first foray as a reader into ‘steampunk’.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far.